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A bridge between Shopify and Aliexpress - Zero Up by Fred Lam offers hands-off automation of your eCommerce store.

E-commerce Automation is a dream come true for any eCommerce store owner who wants to build, grow, and scale their business online. Zero Up Lab was created to AUTOMATE the bridge between Shopify and Aliexpress.

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e-Entrepreneurs have a lot of obstacles to deal with, but thankfully, Fred Lam’s Zero Up Lab helps tackle MOST these problems.

You can:

  1. Setup a Shopify Store
  2. Connect to the World’s Biggest Drop-Shipper in Minutes
  3. Handle Inventory AUTOMATICALLY
  4. Automate Sourcing, Delivery, and STRESS!

Before we dive into the review, I wanted to share these interesting eCom statistics to get you all fired up…

Must-Know eCom Stats

Still wondering if you should open up an eCommerce store or not? Let these numbers be your inspiration:

  • Did you know that 79% of Americans prefer to shop ONLINE?
  • This number amounts to MILLIONS of online transactions daily.
  • E-commerce is growing at the rate of 23% every year, and yet 46% of small businesses in America still don’t have a website.
  • If you don’t have an eCommerce store, you are missing your share of $1.915 Trillion, which is revenue from global retail e-commerce sales.
  • By 2020, this double-digit growth is expected to top the $4 trillion mark.

Your eCom Success Story Starts With Shopify & Zero Up Lab

There are many choices for running an eCommerce store, and your choice can have a significant impact on your online business – just like choosing a location will affect a brick and mortar store.

ecommerce options

You’re literally spoilt for choice with so so many:

  •  eCom store builders
  • Training courses
  • Fulfillment options
  • Niches
  • Themes & Designs

But consider this for a second…

shopify bagUsing SHOPIFY to power your online store is a great BUSINESS DECISION.

For those who are not PHP and CSS gurus, Shopify takes care of powering your website from back-end to front-end.

Also, for people who would prefer not to focus on programming, Shopify is a smart choice because it will let you run your eCommerce shop and concentrate on other business processes that matter.

With Shopify – you can create a beautiful, fully-featured store and INTEGRATE it with Zero Up Lab for super-charged eCommerce automation.

All it takes is a FEW CLICKS – and your Shopify gets linked to the power of Zero Up.

Despite how easy it is to launch an eCommerce store with Shopify, SCALING the business remains very tough even for the most seasoned expert.

As global eCommerce sales increases, many online stores are struggling to grab a market share and profit from their sales channels.

The secret to succeeding is no longer just about setting up a store and measuring your performance over time but using effective tools like Zero Up Lab to grow your Shopify business.

What is Zero Up Lab?

Zero Up Lab was created by Fred Lam to build and grow Shopify stores.

It is a software suite that is easy to use, and with just a few clicks you can have a fully functioning web store.

The best part of the Zero Up system is that it is integrated with AliExpress for simplified product sourcing and delivering.

With AliExpress, HUNDREDS of products can be added in a few clicks and orders are fulfilled automatically. These features make a great recipe for success.

Product: Zero Up


  • Zero Up Masters Program
  • Top 100 Fastest Selling Products
  • Traffic Genius: Blueprint To Attracting Buyers
  • Starting From Zero Bootcamp
  • The Concierge Program: Personal Coaching
  • The Dynasty Club

Price: 3 Payments of $597 OR 1 Payment of $1497

Official Website: Click here

Available Offline: NO

Support URL: Knowledgebase

3 Steps To Get Started With Zero Up Lab

Step #1After enrolling in the Zero Up system, you can connect to your Shopify store to synchronize the data with your Zero Up account instantly.

Step #2 – Before you can start to reap the benefits of the Zero Up software, you have to customize the settings. Choose a theme and niche to get started. You can always modify your settings later.

Step #3 – Zero Up is an automated system that can handle sourcing, fulfillment, and tracking. After you connect your store and customize the settings, Zero Up will take care of the rest.

In 3 simple steps, your Zero Up powered eCommerce store can be up and running to handle MOST of your drop-shipping tasks.

My Favorite Zero Up Features

Zero Up is PACKED with eCom growth features that can help your Shopify store succeed.

Some of these features can guarantee sustainable growth and place your sales revenue in the 7 figure ballpark in the near future. These are my favorites:

#1. Automatic Niche Store Creation With Static Pages

ecom store creation wizard

The importance of a website’s informational pages is most times ignored by website owners.

For eCommerce stores, About Us and FAQ pages have been known to help boost conversions and most importantly, SALES!

The time a customer spends skimming your FAQ page is one of the most valuable moments in a sales conversion funnel. These informational pages say who you are and how you do business.

…And Zero Up was built with this in mind that’s why it creates these pages AUTOMATICALLY.

  1. After synchronizing your Shopify store with Zero Up…
  2. You will need to create a site and choose your niche within the software…
  3. The wizard will guide you as you choose a template and set up your store.
  4. Informational pages like ‘About Us’ and FAQs will be created automatically, and the software will also add at least 25 new products to the store.

This is quite handy if you are still uncertain about what products to sell or what content to put in your informational pages.

#2. Easy Product Sourcing

product engine

Have you have ever sourced for goods before?

If the answer is yes, then you know that it is one of the most challenging aspects of a sales business.

Even when you know what products you want to sell, finding the actual supplier that will deliver on time and at a fair price becomes a challenge.

If your store has outgrown overstock, job lots, and liquidated merchandise, you must find factory-fresh products that will appeal to your customers.

There are many channels to get products, wholesale directories, trade shows and much more, but 80% of these supply channels get their products from Aliexpress, so why not go directly to the source?

Zero Up Lab was built to connect Shopify stores directly to Aliexpress for easy product sourcing. The Zero Up product sourcing engine is a powerful tool. It makes sourcing easy with keywords and filters that help you narrow down to suitable products for your niche.

Love Zero Up already? Get started today…

#3. Vendor and Product Research – Simplified

zeroup product vendors

Researching is a major part of product sourcing and this can go wrong when you experience information overload.

You don’t have to be an expert researcher to stock up on inventory, but you must be tidy.

What this means is that when researching you should be able to save, revisit and discard products and vendors as you see fit.

This is really useful for easy access to your preferred vendors and products, especially if you have hundreds, or even thousands of data to plow through.

The ability to view all details from within Zero Up system is one of the useful features of the sourcing engine, as you can save any interesting products or vendors for later.

#4. Automated Product Content

niche product selection

During the automated product setup stage, Zero Up will automatically add product description, images, and titles.

Many users might prefer to personalize their content and not use the product description verbatim. But if you plan to run a mega store, this is a feature that will be very useful and save you a lot of time.

Imagine adding in thousands of images and descriptions to your store one after another.

This will be a chore for sure and could even be a put off for some people.

But with Zero Up automation, your products will be ready for sale and all you will have to do is edit the details at an acceptable pace.

#5. Using Zero Up Lab as a Spy Tool

fb ad ideas

You may be busy getting your store set up, while your competitors are gathering intelligence on top selling products.

If eCommerce is a winner-takes-all battle, you will be left high and dry because the competition is fierce.

Thankfully, Zero Up Lab can help you gather intelligence from AD ideas via Facebook.

The result of this type of research is useful and will point your business in the right direction.

Just because a product is cheap at wholesale does not mean that it will fly off the shelves. If you apply the science of demand and supply to your product sourcing, you will discover that the products in high demand are costlier to procure.

Striking a balance between cost and demand is what you should always aim for.

Isn’t this NEAT? Get started today…

#6. Help With Order Fulfillment And Tracking

Automatically fulfill and track orders from your Zero Up account.

This AUTOMATED order management system you will get data on orders placed, ID, and status of these orders.

Even though order fulfillment sounds easy, it can be a difficult process to handle. Getting customers the products they want when they want it must be planned out from the second the order is placed to delivery.

This is how it will work for your drop-shipping business:

  1. When a buyer shops on your website, Zero Up automatically places the order on AliExpress. Cool right?
  2. The system will tell you what time the order was placed and when you log into AliExpress, you can view all pending and shipped out orders on the dashboard.
  3. When placing the order, Zero Up lets the vendor know that it is a drop shipping order so that the products can be packaged correctly.

#7. Advanced Email Integration

Once orders have been placed, you will normally have to let buyers know when to expect their order.

With Zero Up notification and email responders, you notification system can be set up to run as professionally as any other business with a team of order processors.

There are over 12 AUTORESPONDERS integrated into this system, so Zero Up has got you covered.

You can also create lists and sales leads with the powerful list segmentation feature.

Using data from abandoned carts or general inquiries, you can easily set up an email list for your newsletters and email campaigns.

Sweet or What? Get started today…

#8. Drag & Drop FUNNEL Builder

Landing pages can be used to create sales funnels for your website.

Zero Up offers a drag and drop interface that makes it easy to set up a sales page that is customized according to your needs.

You can even add UPSELLS to your checkout flow using their Profit Multiplier System:

profit multiplier

Equipped with a WYSIWYG editor, you don’t need to be a design guru to create a sales funnel that will convert your niche audience and maximize your profits.

Here’s The Deal

If you’ve been on the fence with Zero Up Lab…

I can assure you it will be a worthwhile purchase IF you’re serious about setting up your eCom store.

If you don’t want to sell products via drop shipping – then don’t buy this product.

But if you want to get a QUICK START with eCommerce and sell multiple products in multiple niches, with almost complete automation – then this is for you.

3 Important Factors For Drop-Shipping SUCCESS

Now that we know how to use Shopify and Zero Up to drive our online sales, let’s take a good look at drop-shipping as the most common business model used by many Shopify website owners.

At first glance, drop-shipping looks like the easiest way to get your sales business off the ground.

In principle, it is easy to connect a wholesale company to your buyer and take a commission off the top, right?


There are some important factors determine whether your drop-shipping business will succeed or not.

1. Fast Order Processing

First one is HOW your order is processed.

So you have set up your website and orders have started to come in.

Please ensure that your order processing is professional and timely on every transaction.

You will have REPEAT customers if their experience the first time is memorable.

Remember to remind your vendor to REMOVE all packaging that will send your buyers to their company.

If it’s possible, send the wholesale company CUSTOM PACKAGING that shows your brand name, email, and phone numbers.

2. Product Quality Matters

I know it’s a cliche, but…

Another important factor is the quality of the products you will be selling.

There are many horror stories about shopping online from Aliexpress so you should ensure that you pick the right vendor and product before offering these products to your users.

Checking out previous feedback from buyers is one way to ensure the quality of the product you plan on drop-shipping.

You could also be proactive and purchase the item yourself so you can check out the quality, packaging and delivery timescales yourself.

3. Pro-Active Communication

Keep the lines of communication open with auto-responders, newsletters, and general product information.

Even though your store is virtual and you never get to see your products, you must still ensure that your customer experience is top notch.

These 3 factors can help boost conversion and ensure you get repeat business from your buyers. Order processing, product research, and email notification are features that are all available on Zero Up Lab.